White Fillings

Our aim at lakeshore dental is to restore and rejuvenate your teeth, your chewing and your smile. With our advanced techniques and materials, we improve your chewing and your smile.

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Not only are composite fillings perfect for restoring a natural look to your smile, but also essential for managing and preventing tooth decay and general damage, such as cracks, cavities, chips or worn enamel. We use a dental filling to rebuild a small to average decay, used when a tooth decay begins to impact your oral function and wellbeing.

The filling material that we use at Lakeshore Dental Center are stain-resistant, tough enough to withstand and uphold normal, everyday oral tasks and reimpose the original structure of your tooth. White fillings also possess the added advantage of matching your natural tooth colour, hence can be a discrete and invisible upgrade to correct existing, discoloured fillings.

White Fillings
White Fillings Laser

Fillings at Lakeshore Dental Center consist of just one simple and convenient session with us. The damaged structural areas will be eliminated, with all signs of decay washed away. Our composite filling material will be shaped to the perfect match and cured to a strong, durable and lasting finish.

Whether you wish to enhance upon your current fillings or enquire about restoring potential teeth damage, Lakeshore Dental Center warmly invites you to get in contact with us today and let us help you begin your journey to the perfect smile.