Our dentists at Lakeshore Dental are trained to remove teeth gently and precisely, preserving the bony structures underneath. Depending on if they are removing a single tooth or multiple teeth. You have the option of being comfortably sedated during the procedure. We will gladly answer your questions about dental extractions and how you would like to replace these teeth.

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If your tooth is damaged or broken beyond repair, an extraction might be necessary. First, an X-ray will be taken to see the position of the roots and to determine if the extraction will be simple or complicated. Our talented dentists will explain the pros and cons of losing your teeth and the damages that can cause to your oral function.

Additionally, we also explain what you can expect during procedure, we will answer all your questions, and we will inform you of all different options for replacing the missing tooth.

Simple Dental Extraction

Our talented team of number one dentists at Lakeshore Dental Center typically perform simple dental extractions. This procedure is done by loosening the tooth prior to removal, with the use of local anesthetic.

Simple dental extractions are suitable for teeth that can visibly be seen in the mouth.

Simple Dental Extraction
Surgical Dental Extraction

Surgical Dental Extraction

Surgical dental extraction is more complex as it is performed on teeth that have been broken off to a point where they cannot be seen, or for teeth that have not come out yet.

Though you can seek out an oral surgeon to perform a surgical dental extraction for you, our highly skilled team at Lakeshore Dental Center, which is made up of some of the best dentists in Mississauga, can execute this procedure for you with the utmost precision, while using a local anesthetic.

To be able to extract the tooth, a surgical dental extraction may at times require removal of some of the bone surrounding the tooth or cutting the tooth in the middle.

Options After Extraction

After extraction, it is imperative that the tooth be replaced with a dental implant as the bone will begin recessing after 6 months, or adjacent and opposing teeth will shift into the empty space created by extraction.

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After tooth extraction