Working with the most advanced dental laboratory we save your weak or fractured teeth from extraction. Saving an existing tooth is healthier and more affordable.

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A Crown, also known as a cap, is a false tooth which covers a tooth that has either been damaged or has decayed. A crown can improve the shape, appearance, and function of a tooth that has been damaged or broken and protects it from being damaged any further, as not having a Crown done when needed can lead to a fracture.

Crowns can further make use to cover discoloured or misaligned teeth. Crowns are not only necessary in these instances, as you may find yourself needing a Crown after having had a root canal or a large filling. Teeth that have had a crown done on them will function and appear just like a natural tooth.

Crown color match

The Crown procedure begins with your dentist here at Lakeshore Dental Center by reducing and contouring the tooth and taking an impression of your gum and teeth. The impression will be delivered to a lab to make the crown and when ready, the crown will be cemented to your natural tooth.

However, in the meantime, while the Crown is being made a temporary Crown will be used. As one of the best dentistry in Mississauga, we at Lakeshore Dental Center assure you that strengthening a fragile tooth with a crown is much more cost and time effective, then removing and replacing a fractured tooth!

Some Signs You Might Need a Crown

  • You recently had a root canal
  • Restorative procedures are not enough to improve appearance
  • Your teeth are damaged and worn down by grinding and clenching
  • Your current crown failed because of root decay (might need a replacement)

Crown procedures can be explained by the dimensions and amount of coverage of natural crown materials used:

  • Entirely metal Crown
  • Entirely ceramic Crown
  • Metal-ceramic Crown
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