All -On- 4 Denture Implant

Are you suffering from loose denture or hassle with denture adhesive? Our experienced dentists are proud to help you with a new implant technique to significantly enhance your lifestyle. No sore spot or slipping denture.

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All -On- 4 Denture Implant, also known as teeth -in -a-day, is a superior solution for patient who are missing several teeth in upper or/and lower jaw to give them a new set of natural looking beautiful teeth in one day.

Getting Dental Implants generally is a long process, however, All- on-4 Denture Implant changes everything. All -On -4 Technique only requires four implants on the upper and lower jaw to be able to attach a denture fit for all of your teeth, whereas regular implants are typically a longer process that needs a minimum of six implants on each the upper and lower jaw, which is a process made even longer if you require bone grafting.

some of the top dentists in Mississauga, our team at Lakeshore Dental Center is highly skilled in administering the All- On-4 treatment and welcome you to the office! All it takes is one phone call to give you back your smile!

All -On- 4 Denture Implant

Advantages of All-On-4 Denture Implant

There are many advantages to All -On -4 replacement therapy: the first being your brand-new set of teeth in a single day. Additional to that, these ground-breaking implants also work just like natural teeth, and look just like them too. These implants also act as a long-term tooth replacement, improve your ability to chew and speak, and also maintain facial structure. You will not suffer from denture sore spot anymore; your denture will not slip out when you are talking or laughing. All-On-4 is a true improvement to your lifestyle.

Should I Get All on Four Denture Implants?

If you only need a small number of implants, All- On- 4 Denture Implants may not be suitable for you. At Lakeshore Dental Center, our dentists will give you a consultation to see if you’re a good match for the All- On- 4 treatment. However, if you are suffering from one of the following, you may be a good candidate for the treatment.

  • If you have several lost teeth on the upper or lower jaw
  • If you have several damaged or decayed teeth on the upper or lower jaw
  • If you have dentures but want a long-term treatment